The team at Retail Merchandising Innovations are a dedicated bunch, with a drive for excellence.Each member individually has extensive experience and together they are all experts in the field of merchandising. With the understanding of what the industry’s needs are, they put forth optimal products and ideas. The entire team believes in R.M.I and dedicates themselves to the mission they have. Their biggest goal is ensuring customers are always happy with the services and products being offered by R.M.I.


We at Retail Merchandising Innovations, believe in never giving up on our clients and customers; no problem is too hard or big to solve. Be thinking ahead, we have innovative ideas and answers for the current issues with the tools being offered for retailers. With this attitude and understanding of day to day operations in the retail world, we bring fresh ideas on how to create an efficient environment which will increase productivity. Together, we truly believe and stand behind their products and services and are always looking for nothing but the best to bring to the table.